Pool hall - Lots of colored balls and some interesting points of view, mixed frame rate (1632x800 square pixels)24, 48, 120 fps mixed, 7.01 MB WMV9
Close-up - Real-time motion extraction test, 24 fps (1632x800 square pixels)24 fps, 6.18 MB WMV9
Full-auto water - BB pellets into water, first color test, 500 fps (1632x800 square pixels)500 fps, 21.9 MB WMV9
Fists of Dawn - chinese kung fu warrior ninjas rule, mixed speeds (1024x512 square pixels)24, 48, 120, 240 fps mixed
58 MB WMV9 or 6.4MB low-res
Bubbles and water - fast camera moves, water drops, high speed (1024x512 square pixels)1000 fps, 22.7 MB WMV9
Follow the ball - handheld camera tracking, high speed (1024x512 square pixels)1000 fps, 21.4 MB WMV9
Egg on plate - fracture/particles test, static camera, high speed (1024x512 square pixels)1600 fps, 20 MB WMV9
Ramping Hank - variable ramping test, handheld, high speed (720x480 extract anamorphic)1000 fps base, 2.6 MB WMV9
Burning match - composite travelling matte test, static camera, high speed (512x512 square pixels)1800 fps, 3 MB WMV9
Spinning coin - first test, interior, simple light, static camera, max. speed (1024x512 square pixels)2200 fps, 32 MB WMV9

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